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Morar Murray-Hayes
Scott Beckett
Victoria Keane
Leanne Piller
Greg McCausland

Marvin Munshaw
Jane Christmas Wamsley
Christine Barlow

Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes – Senior Minister

“There’s life in dem dry bones yet!” So said The Rev. Clifford Elliott when he married late in life. For me, after 6 years of ministry and 7 years of teaching practical theology and 31 years of a fulfilling ministry at Maple Grove United, I thought I was in for a rest. God had other ideas! I find myself in a ‘late marriage’ with a wonderful group of Christians seeking a new creation: bringing together the best of two cultures and working toward a creative, sometimes chaotic, always evolving, never perfect, people – connected with one another, spiritually engaged, and community focused.


Rev. Scott Beckett – Minister of Pastoral Care

I grew up here, in the suburbs of Mississauga, under the care of the former First United Church. My call to ministry came while completing a degree in History and Creative Writing, both of which had a part to play in my work now. As the minister of Pastoral Care, I hope to accompany members as they form a new identity as church and continue to experiences the joys and sorrows of life.

I also serve as the minister of Trinity United Church in Oakville.


Victoria Keane – Youth Minister

I have been lucky to call Christ First (and formerly Christ Church) my home ever since I was baptized within these walls. I studied at Wilfrid Laurier University, where I received my Bachelor of Music with Honors in Music Education, with a Minor in Religion and Culture. I firmly believe that music can bring anybody together, and strive to provide fun and exciting Christian Education to the children and youth of Christ First. With my own two young children (Evelyn and Lucas) actively involved in church, it is important for me to provide the same amazing church experience to them that I grew up with here!


Leanne Piller – Director of Music

Greg McCausland – Director of Music, The 9:02 Express

I’m pleased to be the Music Director for our 902 Express Contemporary Worship Experience. I served Lorne Park Baptist church for over 10 years, and joined the Christ First team a while back. In addition to 30 years of exposure to a myriad of musical settings and spending time at McMaster Divinity College, I’m also a Red Seal Chef by trade. I’m very passionate about the 902 service, and always interested in meeting potential additions to the band! My beautiful wife Sarah and I live in Hamilton with our son Aedan.


Christine Barlow – Office Administrator

I am thankful for the privilege of supporting the life and work of the United Church  for the past 10 years.  Little did I know that leaving my profession in the corporate sector to seek a better work-life balance for my family would bless us with a loving and supportive extended family. I'm grateful for the continued opportunity to serve and support the Christ First family and manage the office of our community hubs.


Janis Cowie – Assistant Office Admin

I’ve enjoyed volunteering at Christ First for many years. It is a wonderful way to get to know people, and fully experience the many aspects of church life. Among life’s many curves, after serving on various committees, I then took the leap to join the office staff as a part time office administrator. My previous career in marketing, event planning and organizational skills seemed like a good fit to help with the busy life of a church community. I also enjoy ringing in our handbell choir, Bell Canto.