baptismAs one of two sacraments acknowledged and celebrated by the United Church of Canada (the other being Holy Communion), baptism is the sacrament by which we are received into the Church.

When adults join the church they are asked to make a public “profession of faith”; accepting the basic beliefs of the church, and are then baptized and received.

When children are baptized, parents make a commitment on their behalf. Baptism is the sign of reception. Inherent in infant or child baptism is the expectation that the children will confirm their faith (and membership) when they are old enough to decide for themselves.

Here are some common questions about baptism…

I am not a member of Christ Church, but I would like to have my child baptized. Is this possible at Christ Church?
For child baptism, at least one parent (or guardian) must be a member in good standing at Christ Church or agree to fulfill their obligations at another Christian Church where they are members. 

Will Christ Church baptize my grandchild, though her/his parents are not members?
Normally we require that at least one parent be a member. However, if the parents are prepared to have the Church Council appoint a member of the congregation to act as sponsor, the Council may be asked to make an exception to this policy. 

To arrange for a baptism in your family, please contact
the Church Office at 905-822-9834