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Head Office
1700 Mazo Crescent
Mississauga, ON    L5J 1Y8



First United, Port Credit and Christ Church, Clarkson
Have amalgamated effective January 1, 2019.

All services and contacts will be through
the Clarkson Campus, 1700 Mazo Cres.
The Port Credit Campus, 151 Lakeshore Rd. West
is available for event bookings and may hold special services.

Please "Stay Tuned" for developments in this new Pastoral Charge!

Final regular service at First United
First combined service at Christ Church
posted HERE


Information & Upcoming Events

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Community Events

Future Planning Group - Update

Please contact Shawn Bausch for any further information,
or to express an interest in getting involved.
To download the slides from the presentation on May 13, Click Here!



Morar's Musings

Random thoughts from
Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-hayes.

What is God calling us to open
ourselves to at “New" Church?

Christ First!

Curating Church

Christ First Advent Meditation Book

Share your thoughts for an Advent Meditation Book

You’re invited to choose one scripture to reflect on and share your thoughts through words (prose/poetry) visual images (your own or one that inspires you and is in the public domain), the words to a favourite hymn , or a hymn you write yourself! It can be as short as a sentence or as long as is reasonable!  A list of scriptures can be found in the Narthex or by clicking here. Sign up in the Narthex, contact the office, or download the form HERE.

Thank you for your participation in our Toonie Tree drive this year. 

After three years, we have been blessed to take in over $10,000 - with this year being our best yet with donations coming in at $4190.65 plus an additional $500 cheque.  We are grateful for all donations, small and large - thank you for helping us in our efforts to eliminate global hunger ~ Henry Reinders, Bighead River Foodgrains Project.

Did you know Christ First has an active
Future Planning Group (FPG)?

The Future Planning Group has projects underway
We would like your involvement!
For a listing of projects, contact information, and
how to get involved, please open This Document

After the service this morning please take a moment to meet and chat with members of our active Future Planning Group – they will be wearing name tags identifying their committee.

Chair: Shawn Bausch Members: Mary Pare, Kathleen Cranston, Heather McGillis, Teresa Madeira, Rick Cranston, Carol Hennigar, Mike Giguere, John Fargey. Ex Officio: Morar Murray-Hayes

Purpose & Mandate of the Committee

To perform “blue-sky”, “out of the box” thinking about the future direction of the church. FPG does not implement anything. The FPG brain-storms, researches, and considers ideas. The FPG defines projects and develops concrete project implementation plans which it recommends to council. With council’s approval, FPG hands off project plans to existing church committees or new groups of volunteers to be put into action.

The Initial FPG Deliverable

In May of 2018, after two years of brain-storming and researching vision in participating in the EDGE process, the FPG delivered its “Three-Pillars” vision to the congregation. The Three-Pillars of the church vision were defined and accepted by the congregation as:

Community Involvement
Spiritual Engagement
Strong Connection with Members

Second (Current) Deliverable

Using input from three sets of congregational round-tables in May/June of 2018, the FPG developed a short-list of twelve new initiatives for the purpose of more clearly bringing to life the Three-Pillars vision.


Welcome Back BBQ with Renters Fair: delivered Sept 16, 2018
Volunteers’ ‘Thank-you’ Event: delivered May 26, 2019 (@ 151 Lakeshore)
Property Planning Ministry: launched June, 2019
Neighbour Care Network: launched July, 2019
Community Roundtables Event: delivering Oct 23, 2019 (@ 151 Lakeshore)

Looking Ahead:

The FPG will complete its second deliverable by July, 2020. Meanwhile and following, the FPG will research integration opportunities for the new church congregation and continue to brain-storm new projects which fulfill the vision of the Three-Pillars.

Prayer Patches

knitted by hand and threaded with prayers of love and hope can be found in the Prayer Shawl cupboard in the Merigold Room – Clarkson Campus.

They are a gift for you from the Prayer Shawl Ministry of Christ First.
Hold it as you pray or keep it tucked in your pocket as a reminder.
YOU ARE LOVED AND NEVER ALONE Keep it for yourself or pass it along.

Prayer Shawls are also available as a gift for you or someone you know that needs help moving through difficult days. May it bring blessings

of comfort, gifts of warmth and the knowledge that all are loved. Be carried by your God who loves you so. Contact the office if you would like a Prayer Shawl for yourself or for a friend, family or neighbour.

Surviving a Homeless Winter

By David Onuoha
At The Compass, we are committed to following The Golden Rule. And as the number of Compass clients who self-identify as homeless grows, we must act to provide help immediately, while also working towards long-term solutions to the affordable housing crisis in Mississauga-Lakeshore.

The number of Compass clients who self-identify as homeless continues to increase, with numbers doubling between 2018 and 2019. In response to the increasing need, the Compass’ Advocacy Team instituted the Winter Survival Program. During winter 2018–2019, the program distributed twenty-six survival kits, provided lots of warm clothes, and initiated an out of the cold overnight program with the help of some of the member churches of the Compass. Together we helped our homeless clients.

During the summer and fall of 2019 the Advocacy Team initiated the Homes We Need campaign. The first aim of this campaign was for those in the Mississauga-Lakeshore community to consider affordable housing and homelessness when preparing to cast their ballot in the recent federal election. Resources available on the Compass website and distributed to all the member churches of the Compass helped bring this issue to the forefront of people’s minds.

Additionally, the advocacy team has facilitated meetings between Compass clients and politicians on several occasions in 2019. The aims of these meetings are to provide a way for Compass clients and public officials to connect and have public officials experience Compass clients' stories firsthand. The Advocacy Team continues to prioritize collaborating with local government representatives to help to develop solutions to our affordable housing crisis in Mississauga-Lakeshore.

As winter approaches, we look to prioritize the Winter Survival Program once more. This year we face a greater challenge, since the number of Compass clients who have become homeless have almost doubled from last year. The number of people living on the street, in vehicles, in sheds, and other precarious situations in Port Credit and Clarkson is alarming.

With a larger need, this year we are asking for more help from you. There are many opportunities for people to help this program, by donating clothes and other survival kit items to The Compass. Everything you do makes a difference in the lives of others. Together, we can make a positive impact during a dire moment in a person’s life.

A problem for one of us is a problem for us all. While providing a solution to homelessness is more than any one of us could do alone, together we can make a difference in the lives our neighbours. We have been given many gifts; let's share these gifts with those around us who need them.

Visit the Winter Survival Program page for more information on the program and survival kits, including how you can help.

David Onuoha is a project manager who volunteers with The Compass Advocacy Committee. For inquiries, contact wintersurvival@thcompass.ca.

Important Dates

October 28 to December 9

Cognitive Impairment &
Dementia Workshop

Mondays Starting Oct. 28
from 7:00-8:30pm
Wednesdays Starting Oct. 30
from 1:30-3:00pm

Event Poster

Session Details

Children's Christmas Choir Rehearsals

Monday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. Bring your kids, neighbours kids, grandchildren out for a fun evening of Christmas caroling that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

October 29

Coffee Tea & Conversation returns to Port Credit on Tuesday Oct 29 at 2pm in the Parlour. We hope you will come out for a casual coffee time with friends old and new.

November 6

Grief Support Group starting at Maple Grove United Church. Full details here.

November 19

Good Neighbours presents Toonie Tuesday  Nov 19th at 2:00pm
Come and enjoy a newer classic movie
The City Slickers starring Billy Crystal.
Enjoy laughing along with your neighbours and munching on Popcorn and beverages - included.

November 23

United We Ring
7:30 PM

Feel free to invite friends, neighbours and family to this fun evening including our very own BELL CANTO and four other local bell choirs ringing en masse. No tickets are necessary, but there will be a free-will donation in support of the Compass Food Bank.

Click Here for full details.

November 30

The First Christmas
Children's Advent Day Celebration
Full Details Here!

December 1

At the Clarkson Campus we will gather together and celebrate the season with a meaningful combination of our former churches' traditions and the 'Hanging of the Greens'. The evening will kick off with a shared potluck meal at 4:30pm. Please bring a dish to share - main, salad or dessert. Dinner will be followed by Christmas crafts for all ages, and a children's choir performance. Everyone is then invited up to the Narthex where we will place our ornaments on the tree and continue to sing Christmas carols.

December 4

Special UCW Advent Service at 7 pm
Sheridan United Church – All Are Welcome.

December 15

Tempus Choral Society together with the Choirs of Christ First United, Knox and Clarkson Road Presbyterian Churches present:

Readings and Carols of the Season!
Sunday, December 15, 2019 4:00 p.m.
Free will offering in support of The Compass, Mississauga & Food for Life

January 19, 2020

Good Neighbours Annual Lunch & Planning Meeting
Mark you calendars


Spiritual Connections

Here are some useful links to other United Church Resources.