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First United, Port Credit and Christ Church, Clarkson
Have amalgamated effective January 1, 2019.

All services and contacts will be through
the Clarkson Campus, 1700 Mazo Cres.
The Port Credit Campus, 151 Lakeshore Rd. West
is available for event bookings and may hold special services.

Please "Stay Tuned" for developments in this new Pastoral Charge!

Final regular service at First United
First combined service at Christ Church
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Future Planning Group - Update

Please contact Shawn Bausch for any further information,
or to express an interest in getting involved.
To download the slides from the presentation on May 13, Click Here!



Morar's Musings

Random thoughts from
Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-hayes.

What is God calling us to open
ourselves to at “New" Church?

Christ First!

Curating Church

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Christ First has a new Facebook Page.  It is been administered by MaryEllen Richards.  However, we need your assistance
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A Refugee Family's Journey to Canada
The Transforming Power of Companionship on the Journey
Hussein & Alia Al Rmidain and children Mahmoud, Malak, Mariam, Mohammad

Audio Presentation, June 23, 2019

Coming Soon!
To give Wings to the Spirit in You

Centering Prayer. For an introduction to centering prayer, check out the videos HERE.

Caring for those with Cognitive Impairment

Do you live with, visit, or are you a friend of someone with short term memory loss, dementia, or stroke related symptoms?

Our series: “Called to Transform: Creating Faithful Communities for those with Cognitive Impairment and their Caregivers.” will start with a presentation at both Christ First campuses on October 20. Please see further details under that date on this page.

In order to provide these resources to renew ourselves and our neighbours, you may consider acting as a host for one of these events. All of these offerings are open to members, relatives, friends, and the wider communities of Clarkson and Port Credit.

Please contact the church office to express interest in any of these programs at office@christfirst.ca



Important Dates

Summer Worship Schedule

July 2019Sundays at 10:30 am, St. Stephen’s-On-The-Hill, 998 Indian Rd.
August 2019 – Sundays at 10:00 am, Christ First Clarkson Campus, 1700 Mazo Cr.

July 8 - 19

We were proud grandparents as we attended Clarkson Secondary School’s annual Spring Concert recently to witness many talented musicians sing, dance and play.

But we were there particularly to see Abby, our 14-year-old grand-daughter play her flute as part of the ‘legendary’ Concert Band. It was difficult to recall that before Abby began attending the church Band Camp 5 or 6 summers ago and begged to return as an LIT (Leader In Training) 2 years ago, Abby had never picked up an instrument!

Each summer since, Abby has enjoyed all that Band Camp offers.

Every day at camp the children enjoy a choice of ‘electives’ (Zentangle, movies, active games, crafts, cooking, violin are only a few of the choices), twice-a-day snacks, professional instruction on their instrument (rental of the instruments included) and band rehearsals. The final Thursday night concert is nothing short of amazing. It is truly miracle to witness all that has been accomplished in such a short time! The last day of camp is the highly anticipated bus trip to the water park wearing their new Band Camp commemorative t-shirts!

Since she first began playing the flute here at Band Camp, Abby chose to take further lessons and this has led to her being in Grade 7-8 concert band and Jazz Band and now the concert band at Clarkson. She has made many new friends she looks forward to seeing each summer. And she has a life-long love of playing her instrument.

Do you have a child, grand-child, neighbour or young friend who you think might benefit by attending Band Camp this summer? All young people from Kindergarten through Grade 8 are welcome! No prior musical experience necessary!

Information is on the church web site or you can contact Mark or Victoria. Jason Locke will be returning again as he cannot stay away!

Marg and Steve Shaver

Band Camp Volunteers Needed !

Can you spare just an hour or two any day between July 8th and July 18th,?

We are looking for volunteers to assist with such things as snack time, chimes, crafts, monitoring Board Games/Lego/Movie time.  For additional info or to sign up please contact Ruth Collins at ruthelainecollins@gmail.com or 905-855-0961

October 20

A Message from Morar

How can we respond to the call to express radical hospitality expressed by Jesus’ every encounter?
Radical: out of the ordinary, revolutionary
Hospitality: generous, caring, sustaining

 Next fall, Christ First will host a congregation and community wide program aimed at assisting people to cope with cognitive impairment: how to communicate, how to navigate the system for care, how to become a truly welcoming community of support.

The United Church of Canada supports our belief that this is a way to reach beyond our doors and within to respond to the deep needs of our friends and neighbours. This support is expressed in a grant of $2400 from the Brian and Belva Piercy Fund, and the Peace and Justice fund at the United Church of Canada Foundation.

We are grateful for this grant which will help fund two performances of the acclaimed play, “I’m Still Here!” on October 20, 2019 at 10.30 at Christ First Clarkson Campus (during worship) and 3 pm at Christ First Port Credit Campus.

This will kick off our series: “Called to Transform: Creating Faithful Communities for those with Cognitive Impairment and their Caregivers.”

Note the date for the play and let your friends and neighbours know about this endeavour. More information to follow.

Blessings, Morar

November 16

Treats ‘n’ Treasures Christmas Marketplace
Saturday, November 16, 2019
The 10th Annual Treats ‘n’ Treasures Christmas Marketplace will be held Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Christ First Church, 1700 Mazo Cres., Mississauga, ON L5J 1Y8 (corner of Clarkson Road North and Truscott Drive). This event combines the former First United Christmas Marketplace and Christ Church Treats ’n’ Treasures, following the amalgamation of the two church congregations.


Spiritual Connections

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