Are you considering marriage
within the context of a Christian setting?


Couples desiring a church wedding select this church for many reasons,
most often because one or both consider it to be their "Church home".

Other attractive features include:

Seating for up to 400 guests.
An attractive Chancel.
A wide centre aisle.
Air conditioned Sanctuary
A pipe organ, grand piano, and electronic keyboard.
Parking for 100 cars.

The Wedding Service
At this church we believe that to be married here, either in the sanctuary or the chapel is a privilege and not a right. Since it is a sacred place of worship, we affirm that the wedding service shall be Christian in its tone: reflecting the attitudes, the beliefs, and the principles of faith in Jesus Christ.

To plan and prepare for the wedding service, we require that you both meet with the minister at mutually acceptable interview times.  Another important pre-requisite to marriage is the preparation you both will undertake as you participate in a course of Pre-Marriage Education. Such an exercise is both informative and enlightening as you get ready for a new life together. The Church Office can provide you with information about available courses. Please download our Wedding Details document to enable you to plan your wedding with the full knowledge of all that is involved in being married at this church.

Legal Documents
An Ontario Marriage License and/or Banns are legally required for marriage at this church.  If both of you are church members and are in the habit of attending worship, marriage banns may be published in place of purchasing a license.

Music for wedding processional and recessional and any other special music request may be discussed with this church’s director of music.  Details for either Vocal or instrumental soloists should be discussed with the minister and the organist. The director of music does not usually attend the wedding rehearsal.  If this is desirable there will be an additional fee.

Wedding Rehearsal
If you are planning a formal wedding, then you will likely wish to have a rehearsal. If so, it is desirable to have all members of the wedding party present, including the parents of the bride and groom.  

Church Decorations
This church will be decorated seasonally for Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Advent season.  These decorations will remain in place during weddings held in these seasons.

Reserving the Church
Once you are ready to confirm your reservation of the church for your wedding and its rehearsal, please do so as far in advance of your wedding date as possible. Call the Church Office at 905-822-9834 to make an appointment to see a minister.

Here are some common questions about Weddings at this church…

Can persons who are not members of this church be married in the church?
Yes, at the discretion of the minister. this church is a sacred place of worship and requires that wedding services be Christian in tone: reflecting the attitudes, the beliefs and the principles of faith in Jesus Christ.

Do non-members pay additional fees for the use of the church for a wedding?
Yes, non-members pay a "maintenance fee" in addition to the regular fees paid to the minister and staff by anyone being married in this church.

Does this church limit photography during a wedding?
Yes, photography is not permitted during the religious service. Videotaping is permissible providing that the camera person does not use lights and does not move around during the service.  

May your wedding be a time of joy and blessing and celebration!