This year’s stewardship program has come to a close.  If you haven’t already submitted your Estimate of Givings form for 2020, please send it to the Church Office by December 6.  Please send it to:

To help you make your decision about next year’s financial commitment, we have prepared some documents for your review. Please click on the links to get the electronic version of each:

Step chart – Shows levels of giving in our church. You can see where your givings are in comparison to others.  Please consider moving up a level in 2020.  An extra $5 a week is the price of a coffee!

Narrative budgetThis tells the story of how the church spends the money it receives on the offering plate. .

Estimate of Givings form – On this form you can indicate your planned givings for next year through envelope or PAR. This information will help us set the 2020 budget for the church.  The form gives you the opportunity to provide additional support to Mission and Service, over and above the 13% that is already allocated in the church operating budget.  You can also provide additional money to The Compass and the Canadian Food Grains bank. Please download the form, fill it out, and email or print and send it to the Office.

Time and talent form – Please share your talent with us! There are lots of opportunities – large and small – where you can give back.  Please email your time and talent form to the Church Office at any time.

Thank you for supporting this year’s stewardship program.   We can all be proud of what we have achieved in the past year by joining together and freely sharing our resources of time, talent and treasure.  With those gifts we will continue to grow and move forward as a wonderful faith community in Christ First.