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Future Planning Group - Update

Please contact Rick (Rick Donaldson) for any further information,
or to express an interest in getting involved.
To download the slides from the presentation on May 13, Click Here!



Please Donate to our Mitten Tree

Mitten Tree Story

Once upon a time there were two trees that grew in the forest side by side. Because their seeds came from the same cone straight for ten years in the forest.  The birds in the forest loved to build nests in their strong branches.

One day in early winter, they heard trucks coming into the forest.  When they stopped, they heard footsteps coming towards them. Not squirrel or deer or bunny steps, but human beings coming to cut down trees with chainsaws for their Christmas celebration. The Balsam Brothers were very proud that they were the first to be chosen.

They were loaded into a truck and soon found themselves bumping along city streets. The truck eventually stopped in front of a building with a big white cross on it. The brothers looked at each other and wondered what would happen next.

The doors to the building were opened and they were gently carried into a large space where benches reached all around the room. One brother was set on one side of the room, and the other was set on the opposite side.

The Balsam Brothers were very happy. It seemed they would continue to be beside each other, alike in all ways, just like in the forest. But no, not for long.

One tree (point to one decorated) had all the attention. The boys and girls and adults began putting balls, tinsel, icicles, garlands, angels, candy canes and sparkling lights on its branches.

The other tree stood alone and forgotten. He thought, "Surely my turn will come next." But instead the group of people admired the decorated tree for a few moments and then walked out and turned off the lights. The little Balsam tree was so disappointed that he wasn't sparkling like his brother.

The next day the doors of the big room opened again. In came many, many people each carrying a parcel in their hands. Then the most amazing thing happened. The people walked right past the trimmed tree, unwrapped their parcels and out came the most wonderful array of mittens.

The people hung their mittens on the tree's branches. Before long the tree had so many colours on it - red, blue, yellow, green, pink. Some mittens had strings on them, some had pictures of animals knitted into them and some had jingle bells. The tree felt so excited.

Then someone announced that the mittens would be gathered up and given to people who had no mittens at all.Their hands would be warm and snug in the cold winter days.

Both of the Balsam Brothers were very pleased that they had brought joy into the lives of the people with their branches holding sparkling lights and warm mittens for those who had none, in the place with all the benches and the cross on the side of their building.    author unknown

 Bring A White Candle & Holder

During Advent we invite you to bring a white candle in a holder to church. These will be placed on the table, gradually increasing as we anticipate the coming of the Light of the World until Christmas Eve, when they will be blessed. Please put a bit of tape on the bottom with your name. You may take them out into the dark night to be your Light.

Musically Inclined People Wanted!

Musicians needed for the 9:02 Band. Volunteers needed to run the powerpoint slides at the 9:02 service: Contact Greg McCausland at gmccausland@gmail.com

The Chancel Choir welcomes new singers! 
NO experience needed!

Thursday night rehearsals beginning with a theory class from 7:00-7:20 p.m. contact Jane Wamsley at janecwamsley@gmail.com.


Important Dates

Choosing a Name for "New Church"

What is in a name?  Everything - it identifies who we are AND what we want to be… 

  • Looking forward, not back.
  • Appealing to the younger demographic who are looking for community and a spiritual home.
  • To grow - EDGE and Future Planning acknowledges we must have wide community engagement.
  • Should our branding (name, logo, visual look) be a consideration in our selection in appealing to the connected generation?

A Suggestion Box is located in the Narthex at Christ Church on Sunday and by the church office during the week. The deadline for submissions is December 24th.

December 23

SINGLES LUNCH AFTER WORSHIP...  Join together at the Swiss Chalet Party Room on Southdown Road on December 23rd from noon to 2 pm

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